After PaceBand was synced to the watch, you can use it as a data field.


Please refer to your watch manual if you are not sure how to select Data Fields, watches may defer slightly!

Here you can find some useful links on how to setup datafields. Paceband is under the Connect IQ fields.


Instructions for:


Garmin 935xt or similar:

Fenix 5 or similar:

Fenix 3:

230, 235, 735xt:



This is mainly for 230, 235 and 735xt, follow above instructions for other models:

On the watch, edit you Activity Settings, Data Screens.

Select any of the screens that you want to use and set the Layout to 1 Field.

For the Field, select Connect IQ and then PaceBand.


When you are ready to run, scroll to the Paceband Screen.

It will show your checkpoint names (Some devices) with the distances.



Always check this before race day!

If the times/distances were not set correctly, for example Distance for checkpoint 2 is less than Distance for checkpoint 1, “Invalid Chart” will be displayed.


When the activity is started, the following will be displayed:


DIS = Distance remaining to next checkpoint.

APC = Your current average pace, calculated from last checkpoint to you current position.

PLA, PLB and PLC (Some devices) = Planned paces that you need to run to reach you next checkpoint in planned time.


As you run, you can compare APC with PLA, PLB and PLC (Some devices) to see whether you are on target.

In this example, if APC is 7:10 when you reach Lion Bridge, then you are on time for Plan A.

Once you reach a checkpoint, the indicators on the right side are calculated.

In an indicator A, B or C is displayed in green and a "+", then you are ahead or on target with your total plan.

If an indicator is in displayed in red and a "-", then you are behind that specific target plan. Below each indicator, it will also indicate the minutes ahead (If indicator is green) or behind (If indicator is red).

In this example, checkpoint 1 is reached with runner 1 minute behind plan A.

It is important to note that the right side indicators are only calculated once you reach a checkpoint. The watch will also play a sound once you reach a checkpoint. Use the indicators on the left to control your pace between checkpoints and the indicators on the right to check your status when reaching a checkpoint.

Note: PaceBand is based on elapsed time! When pausing the watch, it will continue to keep track of time, like in a real race.