NEW - Advance assistance with PaceAssist!

A pace band is a wristband, sometimes made of a strip of paper. Runners wear it on their wrists during a race. The band contains a list of split times for a running race. When used with a timing device, like a stopwatch, pace bands can assist runners in reaching a goal time for a race.


PaceAssist allows you to upload your race band information directly to your Garmin watch, therefore no need to wear a wristband, but only your Garmin watch, therefore combining your pace band and stopwatch! 

PaceAssist is similar to PaceBand, but supports only one pacing plan and provides the user with additional information to assist in pacing. It also provides more information on one screen so that the user do not have to switch pages on the watch.

With PaceAssist, the user can see how much time is lost or won at a checkpoint and also how much the planned pace can be adjusted to get on target.