Paceband is currently supported on the following Garmin watches only:

  • Forerunner 735
  • Forerunner 935
  • Forerunner 945
  • Forerunner 245, 645, 245 Music and 645 Music
  • Fenix 5, 5s, 5X, 5+, 5s+, 5X+
  • Vivoactive 3

The following watches are also supported, but with only 2 race plans and 7 checkpoints, and configurable checkpoint names are not supported. This is due to the limited memory of these devices.

  • Forerunner 630
  • Forerunner 230
  • Forerunner 235
  • Forerunner 920xt
  • Fenix 3
  • Fenix 3 HR

Unfortunately the FR30/35/310/910 is not supported as these do not support Garmin IQ and is very limited in functionality.

Paceband can be setup in metric units (km & minutes/km) or imperial units (miles & minutes/miles)


If you have an older version of PaceBand on your watch, please uninstall it and then switch your watch off and back on before installing the newer version.

You can find PaceBand under the Connect IQ store under Data Fields. Find it here

Install as per Garmin's instructions.

Setting up:

After PaceBand is synced to your device, you can access settings from Garmin Connect on your phone. Follow these steps:

  • Select "My Day" at the bottom left of the screen
  • Select the watch icon at the top (Second from the right)
  • Select “Activities & App Management”
  • Select to “Data Fields”
  • Select “PaceBand”
  • Select “Settings”

From version 1.7 onwards, you can select whether distance should be displayed in miles or kilometers. Please note than the setup is now in meters to allow for checkpoints that are not on a kilometer mark. If you select miles, the distance must still be input in meters. Use the excel spreadsheet (Link at the bottom) to calculate settings for miles. 

You can now set the following per checkpoint:


1. Distance to checkpoint (In meters, from 1.7 onwards)

2. Checkpoint name (Some devices)

3. Best planned time (A) to checkpoint (This is time in minutes since the start of the race)

4. Time for plan B (This time should be more than Plan A)

5. Time for plan C (This time should be more than Plan B) (Some devices)



As in the example, the first checkpoint will be setup as follows:


Distance in kilometers to checkpoint nr 1: 17000 (17km = 17000m)

Checkpoint 1 name: Lion Bridge (Some devices)

Time to checkpoint 1 in minutes (Plan A): 122

Time to checkpoint 1 in minutes (Plan B): 127

Time to checkpoint 1 in minutes (Plan C): 130 (Some devices)


The second checkpoint will then be setup as follows:

Distance in kilometers to checkpoint nr 2: 28000 (Note: This is distance FROM THE START, not distance from the previous checkpoint)

Checkpoint 2 name: Cdown (Some devices)

Time to checkpoint 2 in minutes (Plan A): 190 (Note: This is minutes FROM THE START, not minutes from the previous checkpoint)

Time to checkpoint 2 in minutes (Plan B): 199

Time to checkpoint 2 in minutes (Plan C): 203 (Some devices)


Follow the same steps for the remaining. Up to 9 checkpoints can be setup (7 on devices with only 2 plans). If you want less, then just set the Distance for the unused checkpoints to “0”. For example, if you want 5 checkpoints, checkpoints 6-9’s distance should be set to zero.

Save the settings and sync it to your watch.


Here is an Excel spreadsheet to help with pace planning and calculating of values to enter into Garmin Connect: PACEBAND EXCEL FILE

You can also find additional instructions and guidelines here: PACEBAND GUIDELINES