Q: Does Paceband work on the Garmin FR30/35, 910, 920

A: No, most of these do not support Garmin IQ. The 920 is supported from Paceband Version 1.1 onwards.


Q: Are there plans to support other watches like Suunto?

A: No, the current Suunto models can not be supported.


Q: Can I setup Paceband in miles and see minutes per mile during my run?

A: Yes, from version 1.7 onwards display can be in miles and minutes per mile.


Q: Are there plans for a mobile app to setup paces?

A: Yes, apps for Android and iPhone are planned. There are also plans for analysing user's Strava data and use it for automatic pace band generation for any gpx route.


Q: How does Paceband effect battery life?

A: Minimal calculations are done during a run. Only pace and remaining distance is calculated and a check is done to see whether the next checkpoint was reached. Most calculations only happen once a checkpoint is reached and a second after that it goes into minimal calculations again. The effect on battery life is minimal.