NEW! Paceband 2.0 now contains Comrades Up-run pacing charts pre-loaded! (12, 11, and 10 hours). It is based on the official cut-off points. 

PaceAssist Data Field: Advance pace assistance on your wrist! Details HERE

A pace band is a wristband, sometimes made of a strip of paper. Runners wear it on their wrists during a race. The band contains a list of split times for a running race. When used with a timing device, like a stopwatch, pace bands can assist runners in reaching a goal time for a race.


PaceBand allows you to upload your race band information directly to your Garmin watch, therefore no need to wear a wristband, but only your Garmin watch, therefore combining your pace band and stopwatch! It allows you to setup 3 different race plans where a paper band sometimes provide for only a single race plan. PaceBand allows for 3 different plans, A, B and C. (Please note that 3 race plans are only supported on some devices).


Plan A: This is your best estimates for your race plan.


Plan B: You can use plan B for when Plan A goes wrong during your race.


Plan C: This should be your plan when you have a really bad race day! It the race have timing cut-offs, it is a good idea to set plan C with those cut-off times!


Here is an example on a race plan for the Comrades marathon up run (87km) with various checkpoints. Also included is the setup values for paceband: